Making Black History Month Relevant Part II

As Black History Month approaches,we face the typical avalanche of Black firsts, Black trivia facts, and a roll-call of all-too-familiar heroes and sheroes. Based on where you are in knowledge of self, these things have their place. I already wrote … Continue reading Making Black History Month Relevant Part II

Response to “White Student Union” Activities At Towson University

According to a Huffington Post article published today, a “White Student Union” (WSU) at Towson University plans to begin escorting white people on campus to protect them from anticipated evening violence. This campus organization has spouted overtly racist beliefs before, and even this seemingly noble act of campus protection has racist undertones. A recent WSU blog revealed the following: The frequent robberies, sexual assaults, and acts of vandalism at Towson University are not often reported in the local media. For those who are not Towson students it seems hard to fathom that every single day black predators prey upon the … Continue reading Response to “White Student Union” Activities At Towson University

How Racist Propaganda Was Used To Subjugate Black People

  {Note: I released my third book entitled, “Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens,” on April 6, 2014. Check it out, and help me spread the word!} __________________________________ Wikipedia defines “propaganda” as “a form of communication that is aimed towards influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.” It amazes me how much we tend to underestimate the role white supremacist propaganda plays in creating, justifying … Continue reading How Racist Propaganda Was Used To Subjugate Black People

The Saga of Christopher Dorner:Bigger Thomas and American Law Enforcement

If you are unfamiliar with Christopher Dorner, you are either under the influence of a powerful narcotic, or you live in a cave with no access to television, computer or internet service. In any event, both the corporate propaganda machine (the mainstream media) and corporate security (law enforcement) have every interest in defining this man and his meaning for you. What we know is that the 33 year-old former LAPD officer and former member of the Navy Reserve recently killed a police officer, the daughter of a former police officer and her fiance . We also know that this armed … Continue reading The Saga of Christopher Dorner:Bigger Thomas and American Law Enforcement

4 Myths about Dr. Martin Luther King

Today we observe the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and reflect upon Dr. King’s message, mission and moral mandate.  Much of what transpires today is predictable: Students have no classes, many workers have the day off, and opportunistic corporations will likely have sales in his “honor.” Churches and community centers will hold large and small commemorations and television networks will air their annual Dr. King movies, interviews, and news specials. Some of us will play audio or video clips of Dr. King’s passionately poetic speeches and marvel at his courage, commitment and vision. Of course, the magnitude of this day … Continue reading 4 Myths about Dr. Martin Luther King


A Word About Special Interests Politicians regularly denounce and dismiss what they call “Special Interests” or “Special Interest groups.” Of course, these terms are often (but not always) coded language referring to issues or people that are either non-white, non-male, non-privileged, or by definition, non-important by “mainstream” standards. Typically, Blacks, Latinos, women, the poor, the gay community and many other marginalized people comprise such “special interests.” Fortunately, organizations comprised of committed people form to protect and advance these varied “special interests.” Unions for example represent the “special interests” of workers and in doing so are responsible for making the workplace … Continue reading A SANKOFA CALL TO BLACK STUDENT UNIONS

Thoughts About Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving now upon us, many will write their annual obligatory comments on Facebook, Twitter, via text messages and so forth. These messages will run the gamut from simple (“Happy Thanksgiving”), to the spiritual (“Give God glory and thanks on this day for all of His blessings”), to political (“This day commemorates the white man’s betrayal of Native American humility and generosity.”) I too, participated in this ritual of praise and gratitude. This morning I posted the following: There is no law that says we must mimic others’ cultural practices, or share their identical values or narratives. I have learned … Continue reading Thoughts About Thanksgiving

Racism – As American as Apple Pie

I am becoming increasingly irritated by comments suggesting that racism no longer exists or thrives in America. I cringe with each “America is post-racial” comment or insinuation. Every “race is simply a by-product of capitalist exploitation: it will fall with capitalism” statement causes my skin to crawl and my stomach to ache. Each “If WE were in power, we’d be just as oppressive,” or “It’s not REALLY about race, but money” line causes my heart to palpitate. I am not a political hypochondriac; the “pain” I feel and observe among my people is REAL and statements that reflect the sentiments … Continue reading Racism – As American as Apple Pie