The Importance of Brother Malcolm X 50 Years After His Assassination

As any regular reader of my blog knows by now, I have tremendous respect for brother Malcolm X. In addition, according to my studies, I credit brother Malcolm with being a key ideological catalyst of the Black Arts & Consciousness  and Black Power Movements, the formation of Black Student Unions on college campuses, and their successful demand for Black Studies Departments throughout the nation. I’ve written a number of articles about my posthumous mentor, including one that discusses his general significance, one explaining meaningful ways to honor his legacy, an article that explores poetry written in tribute to him, and … Continue reading The Importance of Brother Malcolm X 50 Years After His Assassination


  _________________________________________ Some 46 years after his assassination, Malcolm X remains a much-revered symbol of transformation and uncompromising Black radical leadership. Yet, with his immense popularity comes equally immense confusion and controversy concerning his significance, evolving political ideology and relevance . . . facts that are underscored because he was killed before he could fully realize his political objectives. Malcolm’s significance arouses hotly contested debate and varied interpretations. Late historian Manning Marable in his controversial biography describes Malcolm X as a combination trickster and hustler figure, who performed several roles in a quest to survive and express himself. According to Marable, “His narrative is a brilliant series of reinventions, … Continue reading UNDERSTANDING THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MALCOLM X